In Prince Tech Solutions Talend online training you will learn Talend Open Studio that is a 360 degree solution for ETL. Talend is built as a powerful open source tool. You can get a detailed understanding of the various features and benefits of working on the Talend platform. This will also improve your Big Data skills.

What you will learn in this Training?

  • Learn what is Talend, Talend Open Studio and its uses
  • Understand Data Integration, Data Modeling and concept of propagation
  • Define how to aggregate data and T Map and its properties
  • Use format data functions, XML file in Talend and import/create metadata
  • Implement real-time Use Cases of Talend
  • Define ETL methods and ETL tools to connect with Hadoop
  • Work on project-Importing Mysql Data using Sqoop and Querying it using Hive
  • Prepare for Talend Data Integration Certified Developer Exam


Data Modeling Concepts
  • Understanding the basics of Data Modeling
  • Significance of Data Modeling and how to deploy it in Data Warehouse environment
Deep Dive into Data Modeling
  • The various types of Data Modeling
  • Perform Conceptual Data Modeling
  • Physical Data Modeling
  • Logical Data Modeling
  • Understanding the scope and benefits of Data Modeling
Multidimensional Data Modeling
  • The basic Architecture of multidimensional modeling
  • Deploying Cubes to perform multidimensional modeling
  • Understanding the concepts of Facts and Dimensions
Introduction to Talend
  • The Talend Open Source data integration tool
  • Working with Big Data
  • Understanding the Talend Open Studio
Talend Installation
  • Understanding the installation of Talend
  • System requirements
  • Troubleshooting of common errors and issues related to installation
Talend Key Features
  • Learning about the Talend Architecture
  • Important concepts and features
  • Talend components like Job, Workspace, Metadata, Project, etc.
Talend Job Creation
  • Learning to create a Talend Job
  • Working with Delimited file
  • Working with Meta Data
  • Schema for data integration
  • Understanding Propagation
  • Deploying of tFilterRow and string filter for creating Jobs
  • Creation of CSV file.
Data Management Techniques
  • Deploying Talend Open Studio for Data Management
  • Data quality
  • Integration
  • Understanding the ETL and Data Warehousing concepts
Schema & Data Aggregation
  • Detailed understanding of Talend Job design & its features
  • Learning about tMap
  • Data aggregation techniques
  • tReplicate for performing different operations on a Schema
  • tMap for mapping input and output data
DataSource Connection
  • Working with DataSource Connection
  • Deploying in database component
  • Creating a connection
  • Database source and target
  • Metadata and schema importing
Talend Routines/Functions
  • Introduction to Talend Functions
  • Calling and deploying the Functions
  • Understanding Routines
  • Talend Open Studio for XML data processing
  • Date format function
Data Transformation
  • Transforming Data
  • Running the Job
  • Combining Columns
  • Duplicating a Job
Working with Metadata
  • Creating Metadata
  • Joining Data Sources
Data Corrections
  • Capturing Rejects
  • Correcting the Lookup
  • Duplicating a Job
Data Filtering
  • Filtering Output Data
  • Using Multiple Filters
Context Variables
  • Using Context Variables from Talend Job
  • Repository as Metadata
Graphical Interface of Talend
  • Building Jobs, Graphical Jobs
  • Graphical Interface Of Talend
  • Talend’s Components Naming Convention
  • Row – Main Connection
  • Row – Iterate Connection
  • Trigger – On sub Job ok Connection
  • Trigger – On Component OK Connection
File Management
  • File Management in Talend
  • Connecting Talend with Hadoop
  • Deploying Talend to work with Hadoop
  • Defining the ETL method
  • Hive implementation with Talend
  • Importing data in Hive
  • Hive partitioning
  • Pig in Talend
  • Data loading and parallel data execution