Deployment of QlikView dashboard in QMC

QlikView server is a hosting platform which enable analytics professionals to share dashboards with outsider across the globe. Once QlikView data load and visualizations are created, they should be deployed on the server.

End user having sufficient authentication does not need QlikView setup environment to access the dashboard, as it can be accessible through web browser. QVWs files will be executed on the server and user can view dashboards/visualizations on access point.

Access Point is a web portal and the single point of entry for Business users. It presents a list of QlikView documents to the users according to their authorization and access rights.

In deployment 2 folders/documents are of significance – Source document/Folder and User document/Folder

Source document/folder – contains the Source document/QVWs supplied by the developer

User document/folder – After a distribution tasks executes on QVW in Source document folder, it gets transformed to User document and gets stored into User document folder. A document can be simple reduced or can split up into several small documents by using reduce or loop and reduce settings. User document is a document which user sees when accessing a document through access point.


Steps for the Deployment

  • Once the QVWs are created, developer will copy it into the Source document folder. Source document will be a physical windows folder in server environment
  • Then Go to Start -> Programs -> QlikView Management Console

  • QlikView Management Console (QMC) is used to get access to the QlikView Server and Publisher components
  • Click on QlikView Management Console you will land on status page. This page will give you status of the services running behind the sense. Ensure that all services are running and showing green icon.

  • Then click on QlikView Server Settings tab and on the screen click on green color Plus Sign adjacent to Browsable under mounted folder. This will allow you to create a mounted folder. Mounted folder is a virtual directory from which you need to locate the physical path of the QVW file in the server environment.

  • Here list of Drives of Server Computer will display and then navigate to folder where QVW files located and then click on OK button.

  • Developer or any user (with sufficient access rights to server) will use QMC to access QVWs in the Source document folder. QVWs will be given appropriate access to group of users or individuals based on the security rules of the organization.

  • In QMC, data reload and distribution tasks will be created which will make sure that data is loaded in the QVWs/QVDs and dashboard get distributed to the appropriate users. These data loads and distribution tasks can be scheduled under Server Setting tab. You can define daily, weekly, monthly threshold based on which the dashboard will be reloaded and in order to display the latest information.

  • Once distribution tasks is executed, the dashboards will be visible in the User document folder. Users while accessing the dashboard on the access point will be accessing the dashboards from the user document folder. So make sure your dashboard is visible in user document section. Below is the Access point of the QlikView which display dashboard to a particular user based on his / her permission level.


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